Order — a territory of freedom

Shopping Design – a design + lifestyle media from Taiwan, in collaboration with graphic designer Aaron Nieh, crafted a limited-edition special pack for its latest issue. Nieh creates a series of 3D liquid metal text “ORDER” using the latest holographic origination technology to reflect how humankind’s ideology, law, and order change over time with the time-lapse of the universe and our ever-changing society.

This limited pack combines crystal stereo relief hologram, digital printing, vintage film pack, and screen printing applications. The liquid metal texts design utilizes cutting-edge holographic technology with registered printing process to deliver 2D graphics in 3D effects, resulting in a super visual in graphic design. The work of art represents a dialogue from the past to the present and yet to the future.

Designed by aaron nieh
3D stereo relief hologram by k laser
Printed by wei-yang printing enterprise co.
cover photo by curtis ju
additional photo by teikoukei

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